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As a leader, when you face risk, uncertainty,
and instability, how do you respond?

On the central plains of the U.S., the open range is inhabited by two herd animals—cattle and bison, or the American Buffalo. Although these seemingly formidable animal species share common ground, how they react to an impending storm is very different.

When the skies darken and the thunder rolls, cattle will scatter and run away from the approaching danger. But, they can’t outrun the quick-moving front, so they end up remaining in the peak of the storm for a longer period of time, risking injury, separation from the herd, exhaustion, and greater susceptibility to predators.

Buffalo, however, will assemble and run headfirst into the approaching storm. They instinctively know that because they are running into the storm instead of with it, they will end up spending a shorter duration of time in the storm with less risk of peril.

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