"Adopting the most important hour is the most life-changing thing I’ve ever done."

Jeff Brandstetter, President, Total Group

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The Most Important Hour: A 90-Day Quiet Time Journal

By Buck Jacobs + C12 Group

Our most important hour of the day is not at the office but the one spent with God and in His Word. It is through this daily communion with our Father that He shapes us into who He created us to be and equips us to do the work He has given us to do.

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The Most Important Hour: Continuing the Journey

By Buck Jacobs + C12 Group   NEW

Buck Jacobs first introduced his method for a deeper relationship with God and a richer quiet-time experience in The Most Important Hour: A 90-Day Quiet Time Journal with guidelines and testimonials. Now as a follow-up tool, Continuing the Journey offers more journal pages for Christians to record gratitude, questions, and meditations for up to six months.

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A Word from The Author

Jacobs, founder of The C12 Group and author of I, Radical: God’s Radical Business Through an Ordinary Man and A Light Shines Bright in Babylon: A Handbook for Christian Business Owners, started his daily discipline more than 30 years ago and his methodology has since impacted countless lives as he’s passionately encouraged others to join him in the practice. .

Hear Buck share about how his time with God became the most important hour of the day.

Praise for The Most Important Hour

"I would say I couldn't be a wife, mother, and CEO of 260 employees today without prioritizing my time with the Lord. I would be afraid to run a business and make decisions without it."

Lilian Radke - CEO, Unic Pro.

"Not a day goes by now that I do not spend at least an hour with my precious Lord and Savior. Thank you, again, for helping me and others get on a joyful morning routine with our Lord."

Dale Tincher - President and CEO, Consultwebs

"The last 90 days have fundamentally transformed my life. The Daily Hour is now the thread that stitches the fabric of my life together. God is answering my prayers, providing guidance, and warming my heart in ways that I would have not thought possible. Truly, I am not worthy of what he has given me. I struggle to convey the impact of what has been started in these last 90 days."

John Abromavage - Vice President, Realm Consulting, Inc.

"WOW, my first most important hour was a wonderful experience! My whole day was totally different. I noticed I handled situations better throughout my day, and a friend at work told me, 'You are absolutely glowing."

Audrey Gaddis - President, Haywood Vocational Opportunities